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Welcome to the Conceptual world of Stephen Cawston.
Probably one of the most extraordinary artists in the world.

Stephen Cawston is a British artist, who is internationally known for his Contemporary Art. Cawston is an independent artist who sells directly from his studio and International Art Fairs, he also works with the International Global Gallery ‘Belairfineart’ with certain artworks.

He owned and run his own gallery in exclusive Walton Street Knightsbridge London, a few minutes from Harrods, this was also his studio. Here he built a very impressive and exclusive worldwide clientele, including Royalty, A List Hollywood Stars and Directors, Heads of Blue Chip International Companies, and Music Royalty.

7 years ago he started putting together his first Golden Skeleton Collection, this after 20 years of working on the idea, sourcing materials and working out the engineering process needed to create these extraordinary unique sculptures. Cawston has given this collective title for these sculptures, ‘The Value of Life in Gold’

To be able to create these unique creations Stephen took the huge decision to close his Knightsbridge gallery and move to a remote location with no outside influences to totally immerse himself in his creation. Like all great artist before him.

Working with all due respect to the Humans and other animal species involved, Stephen reanimated the skeletons. Unlike in museums, where skeletons are held together with wires and frames, Stephens sculptures have none. In museums the skeletons look nothing other then dry bones, Stephens sculptures are ‘Alive’ brought back to life somehow and you cannot help yourself but interact with these stunning works of contemporary art. All Cites Licences are in place.

Once Stephen has created the form he wants with each piece, he then covers the piece in Pure 24 Carat Gold. He then Micro Chips each sculpture which becomes his Avant Garde signature…

Stephen Cawston
artworks and commissions
Mobile: 07890 757549
Main line: 01362 687477
Email: stephen.cawston@conceptual
Address: The Lodge, Bradenham, Thetford, IP25 7QP

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